Dr Liz Mitchell, Chartered Psychologist Dr Liz Mitchell, Chartered Psychologist Work-related stress, depression and exhaustion all reduce employee productivity and job satisfaction and have high personal and business cost.
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What do we treat, and how?



We treat all types of problems and liaise with specialist Psychiatrists where necessary and other clinicians. Treatment is short term and goal-focused. We see adults, adolescents, children, couples and groups at Ten Harley Street or on site on request.

Treatment packages (Protocols) for patients are recommended. These range from:

• 1-2 sessions Advice and Development Plan
• 2-3 sessions for panic attacks
• 12-15 sessions for Depression
• 12-15 sessions for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
• 8-10 sessions for Anxiety Management
• 12-15 sessions for Couple Therapy
• 8-10 sessions for Sexual Problems
• 5-6 sessions Social Skills/Communication Problems/Assertiveness
• 5-8 sessions for Child Behavioural Disorders
• 8-10 sessions for work-related problems/Executive Stress
• 8-10 sessions for Bulimia/Eating Disorders

The above are general benchmarks for treatment, but these can be modified to suit. Where finances are an issue we provide home-based materials.

Sessions are one hour and fees are payable before each session. Referrals can be made direct to Harley Street or via your GP.




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