Dr Liz Mitchell, Chartered Psychologist Dr Liz Mitchell, Chartered Psychologist Work-related stress, depression and exhaustion all reduce employee productivity and job satisfaction and have high personal and business cost.
MA(Hons), Dip. Psych, Phd.
Dr Liz Mitchell Dr Liz Mitchell
To achieve the solution, you have to understand the problem.




Where – in a world that seems to be awash with different types of therapy – can you be sure to get the kind of help you want, that works and adds value to your life? When we are low we can be vulnerable, so getting the right help is essential.

Looking back in life doesn’t always help you look forward despite Woody Allen’s assertions to the contrary! We all need the advice of professionals when a problem is outside our expertise and psychological problems are no different.

What we offer is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy which is based on sound research, with different programmes for different types of problems. Each programme is tailor made for the client.

What our experienced team does is to help you to overcome life challenges, to equip you with a skill set to understand how you can resolve what seems to be the irresolvable and enable you to move forward.

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